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Charleston Business Spotlight is one of the ways RelyLocal of the Low Country supports LOCAL businesses. 2-4 times per month we will feature a new business on our site for absolutely no cost to the business! We are working to promote CharlestonBusinessSpotlight.com on social and other media outlets throughout the Charleston area.

How do we select a business for the spotlight?

Basically, it is random! We realize that it’s not really scientific, but it seems to work. It is so exciting to be able to walk in a local business and ask to take a couple pictures for the FREE spotlight. It just seems to make everyone’s day!

How can you get your business on the spotlight?

We will accept nominations on our contact page! If your business deserves a place in the lime light, just let us know why and we will consider it as we choose.

Be sure to visit our sister site at www.RelyLocalCharleston.com and see our local business directory, print coupons from area businesses and check out our community calendar!

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Spotlighting local charleston area businesses!