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The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze provides quality, fresh juices and smoothies made from fruits and vegetables.

Our fresh juices are prepared when you order them for superior taste and health benefits. Freshly prepared juice helps to rebuild your body by bypassing the digestive system to unleash substantial amounts of nutrients for healthy cell reproduction.

Our smoothies are a “cut above” regarding calories, health benefits, and taste. We use NOTHING artificial. Nothing. No sugar, syrups, chemicals, or added preservatives that come from processed or pasteurized bottled products. The bases for our drinks are from apples or oranges juiced in the store that day. The average all-fruit smoothie at The Main Squeeze is under 190 calories!

Fresh juices separate the fiber for quick assimilation of live enzymes. Smoothies retain the fiber in order to cleanse the stomach, intestine, and colon.

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